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by Drax

Bridal Lists and Wedding Dates for DJ’s


You are getting married when?

So you purchased a bridal list, or you have a list from a bridal show. You receive regular leads via an online service such as Respond, the Perfect Wedding Guide or WedAlert, and the wedding date is 5 days away (HURRY)? Or 5 years from today (wait)?

Confused? Do not worry. I am here to explain the truth about brides and their wedding dates. Bottom line, few wedding dates from a bridal show \ list, or an online service, are correct.

Respectfully submitted…

vThey are getting married someday, but do not know when

vWhen they confirm their venue, the date changes

vThey want to buy a house first, then get married

vThe boyfriend has not proposed yet

vNot the bride…

ØVendor at the show – Photo, Video, Planner…

ØParents of the bride \ groom

ØRelative of the bride \ groom

ØFriend helping the bride

ØIn the wedding party

vPostponed, for a variety of reasons



And the list of reasons the date is not correct go on and on.

Also some lists are peppered with phony names to protect the list owners. These names report back to the list owner to make sure services who use the list have paid for it.

But, do not be discouraged. This is just part of the wedding game. Having a good campaign in place will help you remedy this (possibly) incorrect date issue. For example many of my letters\Emails include what I think is their date.

Congratulations on your upcoming Wednesday February 18th, 2015 wedding!

This can be a RED flag for the bride interested in your services, prompting her to reply, Oh, not that date, our date is —

Notice the above proposed date includes the day, in this case Wednesday. I have another notice that asks, is Wednesday February 18th, 2015 really your date? Because if you are truly getting married on a weekday we offer mid-week specials.

by Drax

DJ’s Put It In The Corner

Put it in the corner

Recently I received pictures to scan for a photo montage. The images included photos from a previous event, a Bar Mitzvah, that also had a Disc Jockey, from another company.

This DJ did what most DJs do, he set up center, next to the dance floor. This Bar Mitzvah included a candle lighting service, popular for such events, and the candles were placed on a table centered on the dance floor.

Which means every picture of the candle lighting service included the DJ in the background. No way to crop him out of the image. Every picture of this special moment included the DJ – Cuing music, taking a drink (of water I hope), equipment cables and cords, and brown boxes of props with the logo of Oriental Trading in plain view. Can anyone say UGLY?

When it was my turn to perform for this client, another Bar Mitzvah, in the same venue\room, I set up off to the side, and provided a video screen as the center piece for the dance floor and the candle lighting service. Projecting a big picture of the Bar Mitzvah boy in a baseball uniform to match his sports theme.

I was still plenty visible off to the side, just not in the way of the audience and cameras enjoying special dances and activities. A wireless microphone and a few steps to the center of the dance floor made me the center of attention when needed, and out of sight when not.

Respectfully, prove that it truly is all about your client, and put it in the corner!

by Drax

DJ’s Got Game? Need Inspiration? Got a Minute?


Got Game? Need Inspiration? Got a Minute?

Minute to win it is the solution. This show is filled with fun, easy to play games using simple household items as the props. Great for youth events and the like.

by Drax

DJ’s Keep Track of Your Internet Buzz


Google Alerts

Blogs, forums, websites, online E-zines… What are they saying about you? What are they saying about your company? What’s the buzz?

Google Alerts can help you find out when someone online says something about you, your company and\or your services.

Actually you can set Google Alerts to track anything.

  • Monitoring a developing news story
  • Keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • Getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • Keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams
  • Track client activity to be responsive to their needs

This is just one of many cool tools Google offers for free. Create an account for free and see.

by Drax

Mobile Tour – San Jose

Date: 8/24/2011

Time: 6:00 PM

Once a year, Mobile Beat stops in San Jose for their nationwide tour. Come see all the latest gadgets and hangin out with all the Bay Areas top mobile DJ’s.

August 24 – San Jose, CA – Dave and Busters, 940 Great Mall Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035

Get Registered for FREE by going to


by Drax

Cris Raktovic “DJ Trivia”

Date: 7/26/2011

Time: 6:00 PM

Earn more income during the week with a unique Trivia Game incorporated into your DJ Sets. Come see how Chris works his magic and fills his week nights.

Location: San Mateo Location

by Drax

DJ Swap Meet

Date: 6/28/2011

Time: 6:00 PM

Buy Sell or Trade used gear!

Location: Kennedy High School 39999 Blacow Road Fremont CA 95038

by Drax

Special Event: 4th of July Party in Santa Cruz

Join the Bay Area ADJA Chapter President “Leonard Ybarra” and his company Music Plus Events for a fun filled day on the beach in Santa Cruz. Every year, Leonard takes the sandy stage and throws a great party for the kids of all ages. Bring the family and hang out with many local DJ’s.

by Drax

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