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by Drax

ADJA Responds to “Ditch the DJ” Article on USAToday!

For Immediate Release:

USA Today / Nerd Wallet
Kelsey Sheehy
7950 Jones Branch Dr.
McLean, Virginia, 22108

Dear Ms. Sheehy,

By way of introduction my name is Hugo Drax and I am the director of the American Disc Jockey Association. The ADJA supplies continued education as well as access to business needs such as insurance and consulting to its thousands of members. Our mission is to help our members supply better services to their clients which allows them to create a better living for themselves and their families.  

We also serve as a voice for our members and the DJ industry at large from time to time. I am writing you today to express how disappointed I am in the article that you wrote for nerd wallet that was published in USA Today. I realize that covering a topic about cutting expenses is going to always be subjective and not everyone will agree however I feel that you have done your readers a dis-service and a dis-service to the wedding and DJ industry.

Your article at one point even contradicts itself. Your number 2 suggestion of “Ditch the DJ is contradicted by the last paragraph where Catherine Clark says that most guests remember the food and the entertainment. If you felt that she is knowledgeable enough to publish her quote, I simply do not understand how you can publish a suggestion that a couple should consider the concept of “Ditch the DJ.”

An iPod or computer hard drive filled with music is truly no different than a musical instrument in the corner of a room. By itself, it is an inanimate object. The music doesn’t happen until someone with education, skill, and talent picks up that instrument and starts playing it. The same is true of a great DJ.

A great DJ will use their skill to create the correct mood for the cocktail and dinner hours for guests to greet each other and get more and more excited about the evening. A great DJ will also act as a wedding couple’s emcee introducing their bridal party, parents, and of course the wedding couple into the room during formal introductions. They will guide the evening introducing the honored guests who will offer a blessing, perhaps a welcome toast as well as the best man and or maid/matron of honor’s toasts. They will work together with the hosting venue, the photographer, and any other services hired by the wedding couple to ensure that the evening runs smoothly. They will incorporate any other wedding and ethnic traditions into the couple’s wedding day. They will also emcee the couple’s first dance, and highlighted parent dances. All of this is before any of the general dancing has even started in some cases.

A great DJ will not only read the room based on age, ethnicity, and other determining factors to pick the correct selection of music to fill the dance floor, but they will lead the room pushing the energy of the reception so that everyone in attendance has every opportunity to get up and dance the night away. They will mix the music in such a way that one song flows into another seamlessly. They create an energy in the room that allows everyone to be excited so that even the non-dancers enjoy the evening. This is done by an experienced professional DJ using their years of education and knowledge to create a once in a lifetime experience for a wedding couple who truly wants their guests to have an amazing time at their wedding reception.

While a wedding couple’s computer or iPod may indeed contain some music that may be suitable for dancing. It doesn’t contain the programming skill that keeps a dancefloor full at all times and creates mood that has everyone talking about how much fun they had.

I honestly believe that you owe your readers an apology for a poorly researched article. There are a ton of ways that a couple can cut their budget in a responsible way to show their invited guests a wonderful day while not needing to “Ditch the DJ” or other parts of their day that they will indeed regret after it is over.

Best Regards,

Dr. Drax
ADJA National President & Executive Director

American Disc Jockey Association
“We Help DJs Build & Grow Their Business”
20118 N. 67th Avenue
Suite 300-605
Glendale, AZ 85308
866-310-4676 Fx

by Drax

ADJA Set to Rock Las Vegas with Awesom Marquee Party!

Once again the ADJA is set to light up Las Vegas with the hottest party in town for the MBLV/PHX conferences!  Look for more details in your email this week.

by Drax

It’s Coming! An Amazing New Benefit Just for our members

We have an Amazing new benfit that we will be announcing this week!  This is going to be amazing.  It will reward you, increase your revenue, and bring your a better lifestyle.  This will be epic.  Stay Tuned for more details.

by Drax

ADJA Set To Rock Wedding MBA with David Tutera

ADJA will once again be a major sponsor of the Wedding MBA.  We are excited to be bringing David Tutera to the stage.  Once again ADJA has stepped up the education for everyone and we have also added 4 more DJ specialty sessions for a total of 8!  All taught by awesome members of the ADJA.

by Drax

ADJA Announces Discount codes for Wedding MBA!

ADJA annouced that their members get a special discounted ticket price for Wedding MBA.  THe discount is found in the members only area of the site!  Get you pass today before prices rise.

by Drax

ADJA Set to Rock Midwest DJs LIVE!

The ADJA is once again a sponsor of the Midwest DJs live event in Milwaukee, WI.  ADJA President Dr. Drax will be presenting a seminar called 42- The Power of Numbers.  This will be an exciting look at how your professional fee is determined and how you should operate your business.

by Drax

DJ Expo 2017

The DJ Expo has announced the dates for the 2017 DJ Expo!  ADJA and The Photobooth Association will be there with a major presence.

by Drax

DJTimes Announces Dates & Loations for 2017 DJExpo! ADJA will be there!

Testa Communications has announced the dates and locations for the 2017 DJExpo.  The show will be moving from the Taj Mahal that closed down in October to The AC Convention center with lodging at the Sheraton across the street and The Tropicana Resort on the Boardwalk.  The Trop will serve as the hub for all night time activities and there will be shuttles to and from the Trop to the Convention Center.  Read more Here

by Drax

ADJA signs MAJOR new benefit for members!

ADJA has partnered with Your Day, Your Song to give you the opportunity to provide your clients with custom recordings. Not pop songs with drops laid over, but a completely custom, original recording with original score and original lyrics using the clients own words and thoughts! This is a game changer! This can be a way for you to step up your game and create a differentation between you and others in your Market! Now add in the fact that you can earn revenue from this partnership is a win win for everybody. Your Day, Your Song is also sweetening the deal by entering every member that signs up with them into a contest to win a FREE song for one of their clients! Wow. How cool is that? See the members only area for more details! Sign up today at  Do it Now!

by Drax

ADJA Get’s Ready to Rock Wedding MBA!

We are super excited to once again have a major presence at Wedding MBA.  ADJA has been a sponsoring supporter of Wedding MBA since the beginging.  We are stepping it up this year with a complete DJ track of content.  To read more……